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    Poovar Day 1

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    After breakfast proceed to Poovar. Peace, quiet and freedom from the swirl of a modern life are what Poovar offers.  This sleepy, fishing village that lies 17 kilometres southeast of Kovalam beckons those who want to just luxuriate in magnificent landscapes, soak in placid waters and enjoy the art of doing nothing. Situated by the Neyyar estuary, this tranquil area is a favourite haunt for vacationers who want a delicious mix of beach and backwaters. Poovar is believed to have been an ancient hub of maritime trade, probably the reason behind the belief that ships of King Solomon had landed here. The Poovar beach that spreads its shimmering swathe of golden sands between the sea and the Neyyar River is as tranquil as its settings – undisturbed- unhurried….

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