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    Wayanad Tourist Places

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    Wayanad Tourist Places

    Find out the most attractive places and Tourist Destination at Wayanad.

    Tucked away in the northern part of Kerala, Wayanad wears the air of a reluctant rustic maiden, still shying away from civilisation. This virgin hill station, nestled in the lap of the lush Western Ghats, at a height of 700 to 2100 metres, and recently discovered by tourists, is now being touted as the next big arrival on Kerala’s tourism map, by those who have been fortunate enough to stumble upon its stunning attributes. With its freshwater lakes, paddy fields, spice plantations, waterfalls, rippling streams, green hills and forested, undulating terrains, the place evokes a rare charm. The Kabbani river, the source of the great Kaveri, enriches the scenic milieu of this land-locked district. Vythiri, at 4000 feet above sea level, is the hottest tourism draw with its lush jungles and primitive feel that puts the clock back by a few centuries. Some of the exotic resorts located in the deep wilds enhance the back-to-nature theme sans electricity and air-conditioning! Further up the hills the adventurous can encounter exhilaration of another kind in the leafy wilderness of a tree house atop a 200 year old banyan tree with the bonus of a fantastic view.

    The Pookot Lake in Vythiri offers great boating and a panoramic view of the thickly forested surrounds. Lakkidi, close to Vythiri, is one of the highest spots in Wayanad and the gateway to some sensational views of the fog covered valleys. The 12 kilometre trek from the base of the valley to Lakkidi is a not-to-miss experience. The Meenmutty waterfall, the three-tiered Sentinel Rock Waterfall that thunders down from a 200 metre height and the Kanthapara Waterfall, the Banasura Dam, the largest earth dam in India, are all spots of spectacular scenic beauty. The Kuruva Island, a picnic spot of over 950 acres of verdant green, is an ornithologist’s delight, with some rare orchids and herbs, to boot, while the Chembra Peak apart from the visual treat it offers, is a trekking hotspot. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over 344 square kilometres, with gently undulating terrains, hillocks and deciduous forests, is rich in biodiversity and the favourite haunt of elephants, tigers, leopards, bears and gaurs. The mysterious Edakkal Caves, complete with pre-historic scrawls and archeological finds traced to the Stone Age, add a dose of the whimsical to the scenic treats. A beautiful Jain temple, the 300 year old Varambetta Mosque, the Sita-Siva-Kusa temple, the Durga temple and the many aboriginal tribes that inhabit Waynad all add a quaint twist to a holiday in Wayanad.

    Must See Places in Wayanad :

    Pookode Lake – Bearing the shape of India’s map, it is the only one of its kind fresh water lake in Kerala that is situated among wooded hills. It has an abundance of blue lotus and fresh water fishes apart from groups of blue water lilies. It lies south of Vythiri, one of the most sort after tourist destinations in Kerala.

    Chain Tree – It is a must see tourist spot in Wayanad. As borne by the name, Chain tree is a large Ficus tree that has a story to say, to uncover the myth behind it. It is supposedly a haunting site and visited by travellers to know more about the place.

    Kuruva Island – Popularly known as Kuruvadweep in local parlance, this is a dense evergreen forest of about 950 acres, this tourist spot captures nature in its splendour as it is uninhabited. It has a rare collection of flora and fauna apart from rare herbs and birds. It has attained the distinction of being one of the most visited tourist destinations.

    Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary – Located at Mananthavady near Wayanad, this is a wonderful trekking spot and a place of children’s delight, Tholpetty boasts of a one of the largest elephant populations. The variety of wild animals makes this a favourite spot for a safari. Male peacocks are known to display their brightly coloured tails during the courting season. The sanctuary also has some rare kinds of snakes.

    Edakkad Caves – Any trip to Wayanad is incomplete without a visit to these famous caves, which were formed by the splitting of a huge rock from the main body. The caves date back to 6000BC and are known to have Stone Age carvings, which symbolise pre historic human settlement at that time. The carvings are mostly of men and animals.

    Soochipara waterfalls – It is a three tiered waterfall located at Wayanad, amidst lush green deciduous, ever green forests. Also known by the name, sentinel waterfall, this has a cliff face that is ideal for rock climbing. A drive to the falls gives a scenic beauty of some of the enchanting tea estates of Wayanad.

    Pazhassi tomb – This is the resting place of the “Lion of Kerala”, the erstwhile ruler Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, who fought the British in the late 17th century. It is a place of historical importance, thronged by tourists during their visit to Wayanad. The Pazhassi museum is situated nearby and is known to have a sword used during that era.

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