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    The bewitching backwaters of Kerala were discovered by the elite Indian tourist in the 90’s. But Kumarakom found its place in the sun much more recently, and since then tourism brochures, writers and media have not stopped waxing about this exciting discovery on the backwaters itinerary of Kerala. The truth is that Kumarakom lives up to its hype. Till it was discovered by tourism it was just a sleepy little village on the bank of Kerala’s biggest lake – the Vembanad, inhabited by little more than the fisher folk and the migratory birds that have made the nearby island their home and the odd affluent Christian aristocrat from nearby Kottayam who would hop over for a weekend jaunt in his speed boat to hunt the birds from the sanctuary, which now are fiercely conserved. Its spectacular scenery and the expansive vistas of Vembanad’s waters, the toast of tourists the world over, make Kumarakom one of the most happening destinations in Kerala today with all the leading national and international hospitality brands having set up shop here.

    Kumarakom boasts of some of the most luxurious and exotic resorts, some of them painfully created from entire nalukettus, the ancestral Malayali homes, dismantled and reassembled for the sake of unadulterated authenticity. Two of the properties are in the heritage category. Most of these resorts are strategically positioned on the banks of the lake to give their guest uninterrupted view and interaction with the languid lagoon. A houseboat cruise in Kumarakom that covers or rather uncovers the almost menacingly quiet expanse of the backwaters is at once awe-inspiring and bracing for the body and soul. The many narrow by-lanes of the backwaters, canopied over by the dense growth of foliage on the banks are idyllic pockets where a honeymoon couple can dock for a spot of seclusion and privacy from both the sun and the crowds. The Aruvikuzhi waterfall, near Kumarakom, nestled amidst the rubber plantations is good for some picnic fun.

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