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    Alleppey Day 2 Itinerary

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    Alappuzha was reclaimed from the sea and black sands of the beaches are a dead giveaway of its existence under water about a millennium ago. Kuttanad, in Alappuzha district, the home of the great agricultural phenomenon where paddy is grown nearly ten feet below sea level is truly a wonder of the world. The endless stretch of palm fringed bunds and causeways that keep the sea at bay and flank the entire route of the famous house boat cruises, set up an idyllic setting for the traveller. Though of late, the sheer brilliance and popularity of the backwater cruises seem to have blocked out everything else from the tourist itinerary of Alappuzha. The many delightful resorts and hotels that capture the soul of this backwater country are themselves a great tourism experience.

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